One week in Kingston

Half Way Tree Square

Hello again everyone! It’s the end of my first week here in Jamaica and I’m still in Kingston (although I’m moving on soon I think). This city has surprised me in so, so many ways – I’ll talk more about that in a minute. The weather is still glorious and the food here is to die for. If you said the only type of food I could ever eat again in my life is Jamaican I’d say to you “Where do I sign up?!”. Angelina, a lovely Jamaican native who lives in the apartment below where I’m staying, invited us over for dinner last night and cooked the most amazing Jamaican Jerk Chicken that I’ve ever tasted! I have no idea how to make it, but she insists this recipe is “close enough” which is as good praise as any in my eyes!

Anyway, back to Kingston as a city. Before I came here to visit I had people telling me all sorts of horror stories about how I’m going to get robbed and won’t ever make it back alive…. I’m not saying these things don’t happen here but I will say that this is the friendliest place I’ve ever visited. People will go out of their way just to make you happy. Of course, you don’t wander in to any of the dodgy parts of town but that’s just common sense – it’s the same anywhere. Stick to the well known areas and you’d have an amazing time here.

I feel like there’s so much more to do in this city that I haven’t discovered yet. So far I’ve been spending most of my days down at the beach, by the pool or checking what movies are on Netflix and chilling out whilst watching them (alcohol is cheap here and the local beers are amazing, which makes for a great night!). Surprisingly, the internet connection is actually really good so I can stream Netflix even in HD without issue. It also means I can watch iPlayer and not miss any shows from back home thanks to my VPN! I should really get out more though, I didn’t come all the way over here just to replicate my couch-potato life from back in the UK….

Think I’m going to head off to the Bob Marley museum in the next few days. I promised some friends back home that I’d go and see it (I think Bob Marley is about as far as their Jamaican knowledge goes!) so it would be rude not to check it out. Other than that it’ll be more chilled out days at the beach and more delicious food courtesy of Angelina. I’ll be moving on soon, possibly to visit the Blue Mountains which look stunning (picture below) so posts might be a bit infrequent while I move around.

blue mountains jamaica
The stunning blue mountains

Catch you next time.