The Beautiful Blue Mountains

blue mountains jamaica

I made it to the Blue Mountains!

Like I mentioned in my last post a fortnight ago, I was looking at moving out of Kingston and exploring the more rural side of Jamaica. Well, I’ve done just that and headed up in to the Blue Mountains for a taste of rural Caribbean life. For those of you who don’t know Jamaica well, the Blue Mountains are just north of Kingston (the capital, where I was previously staying). They’re called the Blue Mountains because they’re almost always covered in an eerie bluish mist – it’s quite a sight to behold actually (they almost look like something out of a fantasy movie).

Speaking of movies, I’ve cut down on my Netflix addition (hooray!) because the internet up here can’t support it (boo!). I have to say though, it’s nice to get away from technology for a bit and just properly chill out. I’m writing this from an internet cafĂ© in Kingston at the Courtleigh Hotel and whilst it’s nice to catch up with family on Skype and get a new post out, I’m quite looking forward to getting back up in to the mountains and away from technology again! What’s happening to me?!

I’ve heard the coffee up in the Blue Mountains is superb so I might go and try some of that (I’m an avid coffee fanatic) and there’s some fantastic hikes and walks around that I’d love to try. I’ll get lost if I go on my own, but our amazing host  Andre (I wanted to share a picture of him here but he won’t let me!) has said he’ll take me up in his Jeep, then go on a few hikes with me. I’ve said it before but the people here are just so friendly and I’ll be forever grateful for that. Almost a month here and I feel at home.

Andre told me of a fantastic spa up here in the Blue Mountains called Strawberry Hill. It looks pretty expensive but I think I might treat myself to a few nights there – maybe their massages can sort out my bad back! I think I’ll also treat Andre and his family to a few days here as a thank you for everything they’ve done for me. They really deserve it.

No idea where I’m off to next, or how long I’ll be here, so keep your eyes open for a new post with more details.

Likkle More,