Still loving Surrey County

Trident Castle, Surrey County

Hello everyone!

Still here in Surrey county and still loving every second of it. I had actually planned to move on by now (I’m thinking on traveling to Ocho Rios) but there’s no need to. After all, I’m here for 2 years if all goes to plan!

Sadly my camera has completely given up on me so no pictures of the apartment. I think I’ll travel in to Kingston soon and pick up a new one – I can’t keep blogging about how amazing this place is and not showing you any of it!

Speaking of Kingston, I’m only around 50km away but it feels like a whole other world. Don’t get me wrong, the people of Kingston are lovely and so welcoming (especially Angelina my fairy godmother!) but life does feel quite hectic there at times. Here though, it’s so different. I guess it would annoy some people because nothing gets done, but I love it. So relaxed, days by the beach reading and evenings chilling out at a local bar and meeting new people. I’m starting to experience the real Jamaica and I’m loving every second of it.

I know I mention Netflix a lot on here but I think I’ve watched more of it down on the beech in the past few weeks than I’ve ever watched before! It’s great though, what’s not to love about watching The Office on a glorious, golden beach with deep blue water and perfect weather. I’ve also picked up League of Legends (I’ll write it as LoL from now on to save time in true Jamaican fashion) again like I mentioned in my last post. I did have a problem where my account was on the EU servers, so I decided to buy a LoL account for the North American servers. I was a bit worried about how it would turn out but it all seems good so far. If you play LoL and you’re reading this let me know in the comments below, it’d be great to have some new friends to play with. Video games don’t seem particularly big here in Jamaica!

Anyway, I think that’s the next two weeks or so sorted. Lots of Netflix, lots of LoL, lots of drinking down the local bar and meeting new people. I think I’m happier than I’ve ever been here – long may it continue.

Peace out,


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