Jamaican Me Crazy With That Pokemon Go!

Ok terrible pun in the title, I know! Anyway, I thought I should comment on the whole Pokemon Go craze that seems to be taking over quite literally the entire world. I’ve never seen so many people walking down the streets of Ocho Rios staring at their phones trying to catch virtual creates (by the way I’m still in Ocho Rios – I’ve been doing some freelance design work to sustain myself while here. Been too busy relaxing by the beach to post any updates but I’ll try and be more regular now!). Anyway, I just had to get in on the Pokemon Go craze and see what it was all about, so I downloaded the game myself to have a go.

I was expecting to find it dull and boring – I’m a hardcore gamer at heart and love my League of Legends account and World of Warcraft, things like that. Anyway, within minutes I was HOOKED! What an incredible game this has the potential to be – not finished yet but getting there for sure. Now I’m going to be honest here and tell you that I actually ended up buying a Pokemon Go account – the reason being that out here in Ocho Rios there are next to no Pokemon and Pokestops around! Buying an account certainly helped out with speeding things up – I’m level 30 already and almost everyone here seems jealous of that ;). Even got a Garydos on the account, my favorite Pokemon!pokemon go

If you play Pokemon Go and you’re in or around Ocho Rios hit me up and lets go Pokemon hunting together! It’s always great to meet new people who have something in common. Do remember to always be careful when playing though – there’s been reports of people being lured to locations with Pokemon Lures and robbed. Never travel alone or when it’s dark when playing though and you’ll be totally fine.

Anyway, back to me for now – I’m staying Ocho Rios for the next 3 months at least working on this freelance project. After that who knows, I might head up in to the Blue Mountains for a bit, it’s simply stunning up there (not that Ocho Rios isn’t!). I might even head back to London for a few months, I need to go and visit my mother soon and sadly she’s not able to make it out here.

That’s about it from me for this update – if you guys have any questions about Jamaica, Pokemon Go or anything else just drop them in the comments below and I’ll do my best to get back to you when I’m not too busy!




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