Chillin’ In Ocho Rios And Watching Movies

Ocho Rios Beach

Still here! Sorry for the lack of updates recently, I’ve been chillin’ out on the beach and doing some small odd-jobs around the area and down at the port to keep myself busy (who knew doing nothing all day could start to get boring?!). Anyway, I’m loving it here still and honestly have no intentions of moving on for quite a long time. Relaxing on the beach, eating great food, keeping myself busy with odd-jobs and enjoy the company of the amazing locals – what’s not to love?!

Speaking of relaxing on the beach, I’ve been getting back in to my Netflix addiction recently (and why not, I have plenty of free time and watching movies on the glorious beach in the picture above isn’t exactly a bad way to spend the day!). I was watching Interstellar on Netflix on my tablet (using the best ipad stand I’ve ever found – I love it!) since everyone has been recommending it to me since it came out in the movie theaters and I’ve still not seen it. What a movie! Absolutely amazing, I totally loved every second of it and the CGI/special effects were some of the best I’ve seen in a long, long time. I’d probably give it a solid 9/10 as a rating, which is pretty damn high for me! Also for future reference if you fancy seeing if a movie is on Netflix but you aren’t subscribed just check out a site called Netflix Movies – I use it all the time now. They have a cool list of all the movies on Netflix and where you can watch those that aren’t. Be warned though, you’ll spend a lot of time watching movies!

As for the next few weeks, I think I’ll carry on taking it easy out here in Ocho Rios. I’m loving life at the minute, it makes a hell of a change from the dull existence I was living back in the UK. I’ve actually had a couple of people commenting about how to move out here and do what I’m doing, so I think I’ll cover this in a later blog post. If I had one piece of advice for you though it would be this – DO IT! You’ll never look back, or at least I haven’t. Life is better in every way. I only wish I’d done it sooner. Of course some things never change – still can’t get away from playing League of Legends on my smurf account ;).

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  1. Hello Max!
    Ill be at jamaica from 17.8-28.8 at vacations. Maybe you would like to share a way for some days? Its my first time at jamaica and I guess i will need a guide :)i will bs there with one friend. Maybe you write me a mail?
    Best wishes!

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