Still loving Surrey County

Trident Castle, Surrey County

Hello everyone!

Still here in Surrey county and still loving every second of it. I had actually planned to move on by now (I’m thinking on traveling to Ocho Rios) but there’s no need to. After all, I’m here for 2 years if all goes to plan!

Sadly my camera has completely given up on me so no pictures of the apartment. I think I’ll travel in to Kingston soon and pick up a new one – I can’t keep blogging about how amazing this place is and not showing you any of it!

Speaking of Kingston, I’m only around 50km away but it feels like a whole other world. Don’t get me wrong, the people of Kingston are lovely and so welcoming (especially Angelina my fairy godmother!) but life does feel quite hectic there at times. Here though, it’s so different. I guess it would annoy some people because nothing gets done, but I love it. So relaxed, days by the beach reading and evenings chilling out at a local bar and meeting new people. I’m starting to experience the real Jamaica and I’m loving every second of it.

I know I mention Netflix a lot on here but I think I’ve watched more of it down on the beech in the past few weeks than I’ve ever watched before! It’s great though, what’s not to love about watching The Office on a glorious, golden beach with deep blue water and perfect weather. I’ve also picked up League of Legends (I’ll write it as LoL from now on to save time in true Jamaican fashion) again like I mentioned in my last post. I did have a problem where my account was on the EU servers, so I decided to buy a LoL account for the North American servers. I was a bit worried about how it would turn out but it all seems good so far. If you play LoL and you’re reading this let me know in the comments below, it’d be great to have some new friends to play with. Video games don’t seem particularly big here in Jamaica!

Anyway, I think that’s the next two weeks or so sorted. Lots of Netflix, lots of LoL, lots of drinking down the local bar and meeting new people. I think I’m happier than I’ve ever been here – long may it continue.

Peace out,


Down In To Surrey County

surrey county jamaica

My time in the Blue Mountains was amazing and something that I’ll never forget (huge thanks to Andre and his family for housing and looking after me – I really appreciate it guys!) but I felt it was time to move on and explore some more of the island. The logical choice seemed to be to head down the other side of the mountains from where I started and in to Surrey County of the east side of the island. Funnily enough, Surrey is the county I’m from back in the UK so this was somewhere I was really keen to visit – how would it compare to back home?

For those unfamiliar with the geography of Jamaica, here’s a map with Surrey county highlighted:

surrey county jamaica

I’m staying in Port Antonio now for a good few weeks so if anyone has any suggestions on what to do please let me know! I’ve heard there’s some fantastic Marlin fishing (someone recommended the guys over at Deep Drop Fishing to me) but I’ve never been fishing before. This trip is all about experiences though, so it’s definitely something I’m going to try. I just hope I don’t get seasick…. Other than fishing, relaxing on the beach and eating copious amounts of jerked chicken there isn’t a whole lot to do here – and that’s why I’m loving it so much!

I’m staying in a lovely little apartment down by the sea (I’ll try to get some pictures next time if my camera starts working). It’s very small, but it’s cute. I really like it and the view is just utterly stunning, not to mention that the beach is a 30 second walk away. There’s quite a few tourist resorts round here too but people seem to stay in them and not venture out, so it’s got quite a traditional feel around here.

I finally have a stable internet connection again too which is nice. Turns out I did start to miss the internet a bit whilst up in the mountains (well, I missed Netflix and online gaming – two guilty pleasures I’ve never been able to kick) and the connection here is really good. Thinking of booting up League of Legends (it’s an online game for anyone who doesn’t know) for the first time in ages and just chilling out playing it on the beach. Not every day you can do that! Only problem is my account is over on the EU server so I’m not sure how I’ll sort that one out. Plenty of time to find out though.

Anyway, I’m going to head down to the beach now for another day of lounging around and relaxing. Currently reading the Game of Thrones series after so many people recommended it to me. Loving it so far.

Until next time,